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Jason Wolff

Jason Wolff, the owner and originator of Accents Customz, started small with big dreams of a self-taught business for vehicle customization.  As a kid he was raised with a strong work ethic by his mother and father to put in a long days work to get the job done right and make something of himself. Jason would spend most if not all of his time outside around vehicles studying them thinking of ways to upgrade them. 


Later on through the years he eventually attained the first vehicle of his own and wanted to get his windows tinted. It wasn't a big business around the area at the time so there was an appointment booked to get the daily driver upgraded for the first time. After watching how the process worked Jason became interested automatically about the intricacy of all the procedures and wanted to learn. Since the business had not been in the area the gentleman, who owned the business, taught him how to tint and he's been doing it ever since he learned how to drive. He trained extensively, getting certified while working on his, family's, and friend's vehicles to build a clientele. From that point on Jason built a name and a business for himself around the area by tinting vehicles out of his home, 2-bay garage.

Over the course of time it was important to continuously improve the business and further the self-taught methods of vehicle customization. Learning not only tinting but, remote starts, lifts kits, stereo/radio systems, LED Lighting, decals, wrap, etc.; was no easy task. Jason made it a point to learn all of it and more with perfection. Now working out of a 6-bay garage with a team of guys that assist him in growing the business.

At Accents Customz, your one stop shop for it all, only one thing is certain. Jason and his team will continue to forge ahead exciting and innovative techniques for vehicle customization. We take great pride in talking to customers and fans of our work that way you can take pride in your ride. Please call us at (717)977-9160 or stop by the shop to let us know how we can make your dreams a reality with your vehicle.  

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Technician & All Vinyl wraps, decals, signs, and design

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